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Actress, Los Angeles CA



Welcome, I appreciate you stopping by! I am a passionate and adventurous person. Acting is not only a way for me to connect to the soul of my character but to make sure their story is shared with the world. I aspire to touch hearts and inspire others to know they can do great things just the way I have been inspired by the greats before me.


With a love of grace and art, Mandy has been classically trained in Ballet en pointe and the latin flare of Argentine Tango. With a great love for Old Hollywood and musicals led her to be vocally trained and is a Mezzo Soprano. Mandy currently studies courses in film, television, commercials, and the business of acting with renowned coach Steven G. Lowe at the highly acclaimed The Actors Room.

 When she is not working on her acting she is spending time with her pomeranian Cookie, learning something new, and spending valuable time with friends and family. Whenever she has the opportunity, she gives her time to causes dear to her heart, such as Pin Ups for Vets, an award-winning organization that serves, raises money, and lifts the spirits of veterans in VA hospitals across the U.S. and around the world.

"It was only when I realized actors have the power to move people that I decided to pursue acting as a career"   Cate Blanchett